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Wood waste Fuel DP Cleantech

Wood waste

Wood fuel biomass can serve as an excellent fuel for energy production and DP CleanTech has developed its technology to optimize its potential. Wood fuels tend to have higher water content and therefore offer an opportunity for further heat recovery through exhaust condensation. Under the appropriate circumstances, the CleanTech DP condensing scrubber has improved boiler efficiency by 101%.

Waste Wood Type

    As a source of biomass energy, wood has been used by households for centuries for heating, cooking etc. but the suitability of woody biomass waste to industrial scale energy production has brought renewed interest in the wood-fired biomass power plant in Europe. Wood waste can range from waste wood (eg pallets, construction timber, fiberboard); Plant residues, making of fields and forest debris to cultivate briquettes and wood pellets from managed forests. Therefore fuel can come in many forms, has many different chemical compositions and is processed in various ways, including recycling.

Typical characteristics

  • Wood waste is characterized by higher moisture levels (2-3 times dry hay), depending on source and storage conditions.
  • Softwood tends to have a proportion of hemi cellulose and lower lignin content than hardwoods.
  • In addition to the basic hard and soft wooden differences, the chemical properties will vary greatly according to the source of the material and whether it has been used for other purposes.

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