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TC universal Steam boiler

CERTUSS The universal TC model generator offers 5 options for natural gas fuel, light fuel, vacuum gas, bi-fuel and dual fuel combi fired. Steam volumes ranging from 500 kg / h (328 kW) to 2,000 kg / h (1,312 kW) with a total of 10 output capacities are available in 4 All units offer pressure ranges from 5.5 bar G to 29 bar G.

The TC CERTUSS universal model generator offers a 2-stage burner operation, with a modulation function (50% to 100%) in the burner position of the second stage. With the steam of the CERTUSS Universal TC Model generator, it is produced in less than 5 minutes and can withstand constant or fluctuating steam demand. The CERTUSS Universal TC Model is a lightweight construction, compact in size and suitable for all sectors of the steam industry. It is suitable for positioning on a mezzanine floor, thus providing free space available for other uses.

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