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Keyword: Industrial Autoclave & Boiler Sale , Product steam boiler with 15 pellets biomass of 6 tons

Product steam boiler with 15 pellets biomass of 6 tons

Model: SZL6-1.25-AII

Fuel: biomass pellets, rice hulls, wood pellets, wood chips

Make: Yuanda Boiler

Price: 1.00USD / set

Supply Amount: 20sets

MOQ: 1set

Delivery time: 10 days after deposit

6 tons of biomass boiler 6 tons biomass boiler fuel consumption biomass pellet calender

The biomass boiler is becoming increasingly popular with its low operating cost, typically the same structure with the coal boiler, but due to low-calorie biomass fuels, high ash content, There are differences between biomass Boiler and coal boiler

Boiler model: – SZL6-1.25-AII horizontal double-drum furnace bore placed 6ton per hour hot steam boiler hot, 14 kg pressure, saturated steam temperature 194 ℃

The manufacturing process of the top drum is as follows, there are many convection tubes on the upper drum, the convection tube is between the upper drum and the lower drum

1. The fuel of the biomass boiler is biomass aggregate, heat calories are 4000kcal / kg

Other biomass waste fuels such as sawdust, wood, shell, coconut, etc. Calories are very low from about 2000 to 3000 Kcal / kg, using these crushed, dried and compressed materials in biomass pellets, calories can be increased to 4000kcal / kg

The furnace of the biomass boiler is much higher with a larger heating zone, to ensure the boiler with greater heat absorption capacity and produce enough steam per hour, hence The size of the boiler is greater than the coal boiler

1. Material of the fuel gas from the biomass pellet

6 tons biomass boiler 6 tons biomass fuel consumption

Compared to the coal boiler, a 6-tonne biomass boiler is very easy to produce combustible gas, such as CO, methane, etc., if they can not be burned or blown. Detonation inside the oven because space is limited, Yuanda Boiler works with Beijing Zhiguang Boiler Institute on research and development of biomass boiler, improves the distribution and operation of the air to reach the fuel gas Burning sufficiently, 1 ° it avoids energy waste by blowing, 2nd solved the detonation material

2. Biomass fuel high ash-free sulfur content

During combustion of biomass fuel, there is a lot of ash, these ash blocks the smoke tube and coking inside the furnace, reduce the heating zone, everything will make the boiler efficiency Lower

The water and fuel tube boiler is not good for biomass fuel, the smoke tube is easily blocked by the ash, the Yuanda SZL water pipe boiler solved the ash Of smoke and the combustion room to cyclone greatly reaches the 1st year Ash removal

The etching effect inside the cyclonic combustion chamber

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