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Outdoor wood fired kettle Wikipedia

The Outdoor Fireplace is a variant of the classic wood stove customized outdoor setting while still transferring heat to interior buildings.

Gasification outdoor trunk

Insulated underground line is run from the boiler to the building.

Technology [ edit ]

The outdoor wood kettle is a variant of indoor wood, oil or gas boiler. An outdoor wood kettle or outdoor stove is a unit about 4-6 meters wide and about 10 meters long. It consists of three main parts, the firebox, which can be either round or square, the water cap and the exhaust heating opening system. The firebox ranges from 2 to 5 meters long and can be as high as 4 feet. It fits in the longitudinal direction inside the outer shell and is surrounded by the water jacket. The water jacket is another shell around the firebox, filled with water, which is circulated through isolated underground courses to the house where the heat can be transferred from the water to the existing heating system. After the wood is burnt, the smoke smokes through the water cap to regain much of the heat in the exhaust.

Standard Outdoor Drawers [ edit ]

Standard outdoor drawers heat the stove, and the smoke goes out of the exhaust straight. If it does not work hotly, the exhaust gas will be thick and black, and it will The resulting ask will not be fully rendered. [1] While functional, these models take more work and are much less effective. [2] than some newer, more efficient models.

Catalytic Outdoor Drawers [ edit ] / h3 >

Some newer outdoor drafts have installed a Catalyst to Allow More Effective burning and exhaust treatment before leaving the unit. There is a significant difference in costs between these and standard devices. These are far less popular than gasification outdoor drawers. [1]

Outdoor combustion charger (gasification) edit ]

How a gasification outdoor wood kettle works. Photo compliments of pineviewwoodstoves.com

Gassifier tractors use secondary combustion air to burn additional wood ponds. The most sophisticated systems use computer control for direct air at different stages of the variable volume burning process. [3]

Outdoor tractors are a topic for environmental controversies. [5]

How Wood Gasification Works

References [ edit ]


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