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How much coal must produce 1 MW of power? Quora

According to the basic or quick calculation rule, 4 mtpa (million tonnes per year) of coal is required for a thermal power plant Coal base of 1000 MW which involves a 4,000 tons per year for a 1 MW coal-fired power plant

The actual requirement for coal may vary And depends on five factors:

  • Gross calorific value of primary fuel Coal (GCV) in kcal / kg
  • heat rate of the raw station (GSHR) in kcal / kWh
  • gross calorific value of
  • Generation of net energy in kWh (gross generation – auxiliary consumption) depending on plant load factor, plant availability factor, installed capacity From plant (1 MW in
  • Rapid calculations (relevant hypotheses for the Indian context):

    Gross energy generation in kWh = Ca installed Capacity kW (1000 in this case) * PLF in% (85% assumed) * PAF% (90% expected) * 365 * 24 = 7073700 kWh

    assuming 6% of auxiliary consumption, generation Net energy would be 6649278 kWh

    Assuming a GSHR of 2350 kcal / kWh, GCV of 10.3 kcal / ml of secondary fuel and 1 kcal / ml of secondary fuel consumption, the required total heat input of coal would be 2339.7 kcal / kWh. This implies a need for 0.56 kg of coal for Produce 1 unit.

    Since the net energy production is 6649278 kWh, the total coal required would be ~ 3750 tonnes per year for a 1 MW coal-fired power plant

    For the American context, see:

    How much coal, natural gas or oil is used to generate a kilowattth of electricity?

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