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High or low vapor pressure for 30bbl system

For the 30bbl and HLT boilers of the future, we have seen 30hp low boiler boil (max 15psi) because of what I’ve read that seems to be more than enough. Does anyone think that pressure is required high (greater than 15 psi) of the same or more hp rating? I understand that higher pressure only means higher steam temperatures and therefore greater capacity, but would it be better if the additional cost to be included with the hi press in our case?



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  • Not only in TN

    What Linus said. Stick with low pressure. There is no advantage in high-pressure boilers with properly operated low-pressure boilers.

    Phillip Kelm – Manager of the Palau Beer Management Company –

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  • Nice to hear people, thank you. That’s what I think, just need to be confirmed.



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  • It depends on a number of things.

    Is your kettle designed for low or high pressure? If designed for high pressure, your heating surface may be too small to give you an adequate response with an EPS. Also the inlet to the steam jacket may be too small for the LPS and finally, the steam trap (depending on the design) may need to be raped (again if you plan to operate HPS in LPS)

    I operate a 10 hL system designed for HPS in LPS now. I can imagine this system using HPS. I got a phenomenal response in LPS.

    HPS can be troublesome with certification plus it should have stationary engineers on the site …. expensive.



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  • kettle

    One thing to look out for is the type of control on the boiler you buy. Make sure they understand that you will want to keep running at the upper end of the pressure range. Some burners / controls are not well adjusted and tend to experience more up and down cycles than you deem desired for a good steady boil.

    Steve Bradt
    Lawrence, KS

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