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Keyword: Industrial Autoclave & Boiler Sale , Gas & amp; Vertical steam generator at 150 Kg H with oil

Gas & amp; Vertical steam generator at 150 Kg H with oil

Applications of the boiler – for the process of the factory where the demand for steam is not large, for example textile; for laundry or kitchen; Product Features This boiler is adopted without tubeless to avoid any tube explosion. With a large water capacity, the boiler can tolerate more variants. Fully automatic and easy to maintain. Presenting advanced technology, energy saving, easy operation, quick start. Equipped with a European brand engraver with functions such as flame detection, air and fuel control, etc. High-quality steam, dryness is greater than 96%. Multi-safety protections such as pressure, temperature, water level, etc.

LWS0.0 LWS0.08 LWS0.1 LWS0. 50 80

100 150 / Td> 4.2 Nominal vapor pressure (Mpa) 0,7 0,7 170 170 thermal efficiency of b (%) ≥88 ≥88

> ≥91 Fuel adaptation

Td colspan = “4”> Light diesel oil, natural gas 3.28 5.28 6.62 10 Heavy oil (kg / h)

Natural gas (Nm3 / H) 3.87 6.2 7.81 11.7 Inlet valve caliber G1 / 2″

> G1 / 2 “

G3 / 4 & quot; G3 / 4 & quot; 40 40

G11 / 2 “ G11 / 2 “ Smoke extraction outlet (mm) Φ102 Φ102 = “4”> Specification

weight of equipment (kg) 420

> 953 / Td> 1120 1350 Width (mm) 1700 1850 1890 2000

FAQs Q1: Where is your business? A1: We are located in Guangzhou, famous for international and internationally known companies The Canton Fair is organized twice a year, it is closer and less expensive to reach the ports of South Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America, Oceania and Europe. Q2: What is the Warranty for Boilers? A2: You will receive eighteen months (18) warranty count from the date of shipment Or fourteen (14) months from the date of commissioning, whichever comes first. Q3: What about installation and commissioning? A3: We will specify the service clause for installation and commissioning in details. Generally, our products can be managed by the end users themselves with our provided documents or online support on the Internet. However, members of our service team are also available to travel on request to customers. Q4: What is the delivery time for delivery? A4: For our standard products, in general It will take about 35 to 45 days for pressure boilers and 25 to 30 days for boilers without pressure. For non-standard products, the time will be different depending on the specifications of pressure, electricity, fuel, capacity, etc. Q5: What about your payment term? A5: Our terms of payment is very flexible, we can discuss and meet your needs. However, TT is the most welcoming term and it has priority to price reduction. Q6: What kind of documents will be provided? A6: our documents include instruction manuals in English, compliance certificates, drawings, manufacturing data, etc. More detailed documentation can be provided upon request. Q7: What is your MOQ? A7: One set, if you have more than That, you will get a more favorable price. S packaging & amp; Shipping A8: For metal products such as boiler body, steam header, tank, etc., they will be packed with a stretch film; For accessories, they will be packed in boxes made of wood or cardboard. We can handle all shipments, including standard container, open container, flat container, bulk carrier, etc. Because of the large dimensions, not all boilers can be loaded into standard containers. For gas / oil boilers, more than 5 ton / h or 3.5 MW can be loaded into a standard container.

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